Sunday, October 17, 2004

Boda típica


Te presento una boda típica de Australia. El marido es Adam, que viene de una familia holandesa. Y la mujer es Sandra, de una familia yugoslava. Se casaron en Sydney.


George Manka said...

Hey Bern,

There's a repetition there. Must have been late. I can't quite make it out, but are you wearing a polk dot tie in your reflection? Sandra's the one wearing the laced white dress, right?

Yotro said...

Jorge, in the rosy fingered dawn I put the kibosh on some of them photos, they didn't cut the mustard, although it's quite possible my ghost hovered in just one of those, like a fart in a phone box.

George Manka said...

It's a bit sus, that Homeric formula - why are fingers mucking about in the rosy at dawn, eh? Well, anyway, it goes to show that some things are unconsciously produced when we want to do something else. What's a kibosh? Is it a Russian finger food (there's that finger again)?, or an eatery on an Isreali kibbutz?

That reminds me to buy a book on Princesses for my niece, Madeleine. She write me a story about princess Vicky who travelled to such exotic island destinations as Hawaii and Tasmania, got sick, came home and "vomiterred". She writes "actually" as "ekserly". Not to be outdone, my younger niece, Isabella, insisted that she vomited too. But so did Kye, my other nephew, "and I did it twice."

Bye Bye.