Saturday, March 05, 2005

Traducción exacta

Molinos mallorquínos

A veces Robert Graves, que vivía en Mallorca, se divertía traduciendo del español de una manera literal y jocosa:

Trín Trín Trín!
Speak to me!
Is that the house of Gravés? Can one talk with Don Roberto?
At the apparatus! On behalf of whom?
I am Don Blas Mas y Mas.
A thousand pardons, Don Blas. In consequence of the bad telephone connexion I did not fix in my mind that it was you.
How do you find yourself, Don Roberto?
Very rickety well, thanks be to God!
I celebrate it. And your graceful spouse?
Regrettably she is a trifle catarrhed.
I much lament it. And the four beautiful children?
For the present, thanks be to the saints, well enough. I feel overwhelmed by your amicable inquiries. But you, Don Blas? How goes it with you?
A stupidity has occurred to me. I am speaking from my uncle's private clinic, having broken my arm in various places.
Ai, Ai, Ai! I feel it painfully... What a most disgraceful event! I wager that it somehow had relations with motor-bicycles.
Mathematically correct, Don Roberto!

Desde su libro Majorca Observed (que cuenta con los dibujos estupendos de Paul Hogarth).


Metallyptica said...

Mui bonitos, os mollinos!

Yotro said...


Alex said...

Está muy gracioso ese texto. Otras traducciones literales que cirulan por Internet: Your pan has gone (se te ha ido la olla) For if the flies (por si las moscas)Shit little parrot(Cágate lorito)
You roll yourself like a window (te enrollas como una persiana)
From lost to the river (De perdidos al río)Switch off and let's go (Apaga y vámonos)It is not turkey mucus (No es moco de pavo)Among whistles and flutes(Entre pitos y flautas) Go away to frie asparagous (Vete a freir espárragos)etc, etc.

George Manka said...

For some reason this posting reminds me of that great album (released in the late eighties - as you were leaving your youth) by les Rita Mitsouko called The No Comprendo.

Bern, there is a wonderful song called 'Les Histoires d'Amour' that has a chorus which goes: 'Les histoires d'amour finissent mal, en generale' - Love stories have bad endings usually. I like that non-dogmatic, non-committal statement so rare in the frenetic tendentiousness of modern pop lyrics. I'm thinking of the intolerable Bono, or that other tosser with the ban ... sorry, i seem to be taking up a lot of your time here. Sorry, mate.

Yotro said...
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Yotro said...
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Yotro said...
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Yotro said...
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Yotro said...

Gracias Alex por esas frases hechas muy divertidas. No entiendo Cágate lorito pero no pasa nada.

George, I like the odd understated line, too. Such as the chorus, Is that all there is? ... sung by Peggy Lee.

George Manka said...

....Let's break out the booze! ...yes, I like that song and the final anti-suicide twist at the end. Here in Holland, if they fail to reconstruct your hip, they put you to sleep.