Friday, November 11, 2005

Pero la vecina se despierta

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mox said...

Pues yo creo que tú te pareces a ella :-)
(Vosotros de veranito y aquí ya comienza a hacer algo de frío)
Un saludo.
Y otro a Heidi.

Alex said...

howdy heidi!

Yotro said...

Sí Mox, yo parezco a ella --- pero soy yo el vecino del infierno.

Howdy Alex.

mox said...

¿Tú el vecino del infierno? Jeje, eso es que te ha salido llorona y no te deja dormir por las noches y por eso estás en un infierno ¿verdad?

(Yo ME parezco a ella.
El verbo es parecerse a alguien.)

Besos a Heidi.

Yotro said...

Gracias Moxito!

Yotro said...

Posdata, Mox --- Heidi no llora mucho --- soy el vecino del infierno porque a veces todo me molesta.

George Manka said...

The ol' backyard fence a l'australienne! Soon you'll have her chucking bricks over the fence! A regular Justin Langer. Remember how our Don started ... bowling against a single paling until he perfected the miraculous skills that forged a nation in the smithy of, dunno. A fairy of the fence! Is that your parents' backyard in the rue de l'arc-en-ciel?

George Manka said...

By the way, I see Heidi has more teeth than you, Bernie! Even with your falsies in!

Yotro said...

George, you insensate brute. That's no quotidian fence, it's a bleedin' authenticated work of art! Has pride of place in Sculpture by the Sea. Made of a glass-like plastic, it's a see-through fence (geddit?) Even has audio of a couple of rolled gold sheilahs nattering (over the fence, as it were) about netball and other austral womanly pursuits.

George Manka said...

Oh yes ...I see. You're right! A see-through fence. Very traditional! ... this year's Turner prize went to a geezer who built a shed, dismantled it, made it into a boat, sailed the boat down an English river, dismantled the boat and rebuilt the shed. It is called: "Shed-Boat-Shed". He didn't even film it! I'm not a philistine, but he got a lot of money for it, which isn't really the purpose of art, is it? I prefer that guy making crucifixes in Coetzee's novel about an Austrlian writer. Now that's production! Bernie, what else is there to say but have a happy Xmas, to you and the little family you love and what gives you infinite happiness.

alex said...

By the way, I see Heidi has more teeth than you, Bernie!
(big laugh) |-D

por otra parte, me gustan mucho las fotos de yotro posteadas ultimamente.

mox said...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year for you and yours, Bernard.

Feliz Navidad y que el 2006 sea mejor que el 2005 que se nos va.
Un abrazo, Bernard, para tí y los que te quieren.

George Manka said...

Bonne Neuvo Jahr! Here is somehting just out of the oven:

Bake Off!

It’s simple, really.
Snow cakes evolved from a layer
Of parmesan melt-wrapped onto the spoon
Left in the dishwasher for a week. Cologne’s
drawing power draws from its
Draughtsman’s glib expertise at the tweezers.
But all’s reducible, now. Back to the icicles
Of non-sequiturs flaying the horse’s rump
At the edge of the cave. And the page’s
Penchant for snow cakes seems anachronistic.
Another German town under the Revolution
Was Mainz. Let them eat snow cakes, really.
Last week, a shopper found a toothless grin
Baked in a brioche of self-denial.
A windy absence at the centre of history.
But truth gets chewier as the tumbrel
Approaches the scaffold. Editor notes
That cooking delights in prose.
A snow cake needs an egg, an idea, some flour,
A territory, and an ex-lover’s
Toothbrush flying its frayed surrender.

..and give my love to you and yours!

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michelwarner9017003342 said...
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Yotro said...

I read over my blog and found it very inquisitive that I'd written bugger all.

He leído mi blog y me parece muy inquisidor --- ¡ay! la inquisición española! Pero que es esto, este tipo de comentario? Ya llegan los blogistas nigerianias?

Bueno, no debo qujarme. He estado de vacaciones. El computador ha estado estropeado. He estado muy cansado, muy ocupado.

Alex, gracias por tu gentileza. Es verdad que tengo dientes estupendos y fotos maravillosas.

Moxito, que tengas el año superbueno.

George, I hope all´s well and to see you in the old Coodge soon

JuanPablo said...

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