Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Debajo de la parra

De repente me recordé de Santiago de Compostela. Estábamos soñando debajo del sol, a través del cielo de las hojas de parra.

Andábamos por el casco viejo y encontramos con un hotel pequeño muy majo. Cuenta con terraza, fuente, jardín y esta parra. Llegó a ser unos de nuestros favoritos lugares.

Era un otoño caliente y húmedo. Era otra vida.


George Manka said...

La vie est ailleurs, companero! Life is just one long afternoon filled with terraces and laughter. What a spectacle! Now the square is deserted, and the lights come on at the restaurants. You see a small child chasing a ball over the cobblestones. She looks up and smiles at you. You are alone ...with the bill!

Yotro said...

Elsewhere ... is that where you've been? I had been wondering. But your elsewhere is not mine. Profound, no? Pardon me while I dash off to erect a department of cultural studies. Who'll pay the bill? The proles, of course, whose bbq antics we'll anatomise. At least they get the sausages.

George Manka said...

I could do with a couple of bangers, right now! In fact, it will go well with a nice gin and tonic. Thanks, Bern.

Yotro said...

Bangers go better with beer, I reckon, or red wine.

G&T I'd gargle with something sharp and fishy, like anchovy-cheese.

When's our next meal? And where? Are you going to be in Coogee anytime in the next year or so?

George Manka said...

You bet, boyo. Nathalie and I should be next visiting the family in February-ish next year.

G&T is only for aperitif. A nice dry white with the bangers (if it's hot). Do you get Gordon Ramsay in Oz?

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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