Friday, April 25, 2008

Centro Sydney

Que trata del primer Instituto Cervantes en Australia:

FROM his Sydney headquarters Isidoro Castellanos, director of Australia's first Cervantes Institute, can see his past.

Across the road is the University of Sydney, where Castellanos set off 20 years ago on a virtual tour of the bush with colonial poets such as Charles Harpur (1813-68).

Back in Madrid a couple of years ago, Castellanos felt an urge to translate his long-completed literary studies on colonial poets into a short book. It's not as if time lay heavy on his hands; he was busily occupied as head of teacher training for the worldwide institute that promotes the language of Don Quixote.

"I felt homesick, somehow, for Australia," he says, gesturing beyond the windows, where an autumn sky stretches over surging traffic, students, an aromatic coffee roaster and a clutch of cultural institutions. Castellanos had no idea he was about to return to Sydney to set up the Cervantes Institute.

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